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Chairman of FPKS Kutim, Nasaruddin Should Encourage Downstream Sectors Locally

Special doc./The inauguration of Chairman of FPKS Kutai Timur (Kutim) in the hall of Meranti, Kutim Regent Office, Saturday (22/6/2024).
Chairman of FPKS Kutim, Nasaruddin Should Encourage Downstream Sectors Locally

InfoSAWIT, SANGATTA – Chairman of Forum Petani Kelapa Sawit (FPKS) Kutai Timur (Kutim), Nasaruddin was proud of the palm oil products in the region. “We are proud of having brand that is originally from Kutim, for instance, palm cooking oil that we ourselves produced with the brand ‘Kutim’,” he said after being inaugurated as the Chairman of FPKS Kutim in the hall of Meranti, Kutim Regent Office, Saturday (22/6/2024).

In the chance, he hoped the regional government would also support to construct palm oil mill in the regency to encourage palm oil downstream sectors. “We do appreciate the support of the government for the independent smallholders and the initiatives of the regional government to develop palm oil downstream sectors,” Nasaruddin said.

He continued it would be significant to develop downstream sectors because the independent smallholders faced big issues for having no mills. The big companies in Kutim have main plantations and the independent smallholders were difficult to sell their harvest products.

“We encourage to have downstream sectors in Kutim. By having facilities, such as, refinery, crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivative products, for instance, palm cooking oil, soap, and cosmetics, would be produced by ourselves. Do not sell palm oil anymore. We should process it here to be products,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from Gonews, Sunday (23/6/2024).

The inauguration of FPKS should be the moment to smallholders’ independency in Kutim and develop downstream sectors in the region. With the supports from the government and cooperation with related companies, FPKS would be optimist to escalate the smallholders’ welfare and would contribute to the economy regionally.

The representatives of the companies that attended the inauguration would be serious to support the initiatives to develop downstream sectors in Kutim, creating positive synergy with the independent smallholders.

Regent of Kutim, Ardiansyah Sulaiman emphasized that the regional government would keep supporting smallholders and developing downstream sectors in the region.

“We would keep cooperating with FPKS and other related parties to confirm that palm oil plantations in Kutim would develop well and maximally deliver advantages for the people,” Ardiansyah said.

The inauguration was attended by some figures, such as, Vice Chairman of Representative Council, Mahyudin; Regent of Kutim, Ardiansyah Sulaiman; Vice Chairman of Kutim Legislators Arfan; member of Commission A Kutim Legislators, Fitriani, and many companies in the region. (T2)