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8 Main Drafts to Revise ISPO

8 Main Drafts to Revise ISPO

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Director of Plantation Product Marketing and Process, Prayudi Syamsuri said that there have been eight main drafts to revise the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 38 / 2020 about Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil Implementation. The revision would be about to escalate effectiveness and efficiency in ISPO certification and reinforce the commitment on sustainability.

Here are eight main drafts to ISPO revision. The first, the obligation of internal control system (ICS) for independent smallholders. They quite understand about ISPO Principles and Criteria (PC) without having training that ISPO training institutions should conduct.

The Second, penilaian usaha perkebunan (PUP) would be as assessment indicator: PUP formulation should not be the pre-conditions to propose certification but would be the indicator of assessment.

The third, pre-condition to propose ISPO certification: ISPO certification for planters required cultivation documents and/or evidence of land ownership.

The fourth, surat pernyataan pengelolaan lingkungan (SPPL) or environment management documents would be the indicator of assessment: SPPL would not be the pre-condition to propose ISPO certification process for planters but be the indicator of assessment. “This may be like a person that got full trust that smallholders would be able to manage/cultivate the environment,” Prayudi said.

The fifth, ownership frequency: the ownership frequency would be escalated to be three times in one certification cycle.

The sixth, transparency and report, would escalate transparency on information access and the obligation of report through more integrated information system.

The seventh, mechanism of complaint and appeal: the further regulation about these would be about to clarify the process and response to every complaint proposed.

The Eighth, ISPO certification fund: the further regulation about it, including to multiply fund objects for smallholders.

Prayudi thought, the revision would deliver easiness for planters to realize ISPO certification and escalate the quality and transparency in the certification process.

“These would be the ways to confirm that every sustainability aspect would be more effective,” he said in a workshop with the theme "Best Practices Perkebunan Berkelanjutan Berbasis Pendekatan Yurisdiksi" that Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit and Yayasan Kaleka conducted, Thursday (20/6/2024) in Jakarta that InfoSAWIT attended. (T2)