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Palm Oil Plantation Potential in Village of Basirih Hulu Has Issues for Food Clothing Status

Foto by Dea Kinanti_Sawitfest 2021/ilustration of plantation
Palm Oil Plantation Potential in Village of Basirih Hulu Has Issues for Food Clothing Status

InfoSAWIT, SAMPIT - Village of Basirih Hulu, Sub district of Mentaya Hilir Selatan has the big potential to develop palm oil plantations. But it has issues for the southern of Kotawaringin Timur (Kotim) is as food and clothing regions.

Head of Village of Basirih Hulu, Nuryadi said that palm oil plantation development for the past ten years significantly got escalated. Until now, the people develop about one thousand hectares palm oil plantations and they are productive.

“Many years ago, the villagers were excited to develop food plants, such as, paddy, but as time goes by, the grain was not better in price. Planting paddy, if the farmers got turnover, it was good still,” Nuryadi said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from Kantor Berita Radio Nasional Radio Republik Indonesia (KBRN RRI), Monday (17/6/2024).

He thought, it was different from those who planted palm oil because it is more stable in price and has certain markets. This made some villagers develop palm oil plantations even though they still plant kinds of food plantations.

Nevertheless, the villagers of Basirih Hulu are facing big issues because they planted and developed palm oil plantations manually within fake seeds. It would not be easy to get superior/certified seeds from the government because the areas where they cultivate plantations, are food and clothing status.

“The southern regions are as food and clothing status and it would be difficult to get helps and development if relating to palm oil plantations,” Nuryadi said.

This is challenging for them that hope to develop palm oil plantations more optimally to escalate their economy. (T2)