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PFMA Did MSMB Workshop with the Theme Palm Oil – Oleofood in Solo

Doc. of. PFMA for InfoSAWIT/PFMA did MSMB workshop with the theme oleofood in palm oil – base in Solo, Central Java.
PFMA Did MSMB Workshop with the Theme Palm Oil – Oleofood in Solo

InfoSAWIT, SOLO – Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) did micro, small, and medium business (MSMB) with the theme oleofood from palm oil on 13 June 2024 in Solo, Central Java Province. Oleofood is the culinary products in palm oil – base material. Besides delivering explanation and materials about culinary products from palm oil, the workshop also demonstrated kinds of palm oil oleofood for the participants. It was about to promote palm oil benefits.

Director of Plan and Fund Management and Director in duty of Partnership, PFMA, Kabul Wijayanto said that the workshop was part of PFMA to promote palm oil plantations as mandated in President’s Regulation Number 61 / 2015 juncto President’s Regulation Number 66 / 2018. It was about to escalate that palm oil plantation would be significant to have strategic values, particularly to reinforce palm oil downstream products.

“The workshop is part of PFMA to deliver message in exit strategy, which is, to support economic recovery and acceleration by promoting palm oil products and research results (for the people) to be used and develop palm oil industries, to support export volume in Indonesia,” Kabul said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Saturday (15/6/2024).

PFMA has the vision to implement the government’s policy to develop sustainable palm oil by collecting, developing, and distributing fund from palm oil which is integrated and right on target professionally and accountably. The main goal of the mission is about to cover human resource development, research and development, promotion, replanting, infrastructure development, food needs fulfillment, getting downstream industries, provide and take advantage on vegetable fuel.

The performance of PFMA is based on the capability to gather, manage, and distribute fund to positively deliver advantages to escalate palm oil sectors in Indonesia. In the organization, PFMA has directorate that functions to implement partnership, such as, with MSMB.

The MSMB workshop ceremony was attended by some figures, such as, Head of Region of General Directorate of Treasury Central Java, Muhdi; Director of Plan and Fund Management/Director in duty of PFMA, Kabul Wijayanto; Head of MSMB Division PFMA, Helmi Muhansyah; Head of Human Resource and General PFMA, Adi Sucipto; many MSMB in Solo, and representatives of universities and students. (T2)