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325 Independent Smallholders – Members of KUD Tri Daya Were Regeisted in Employment Insurance

Special doc./Card of Employment Insurance was handed over to independent smallholders in the inauguration day of Sawit Expo, 8 June 2024.
325 Independent Smallholders – Members of KUD Tri Daya Were Regeisted in Employment Insurance

InfoSAWIT, KOTIM - Koperasi Unit Desa (KUD) Tri Daya, the only cooperation in the Regency of Kotawaringin Timur (Kotim) that got Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certificates, keeps reinforcing its services for the members, the independent smallholders.

In the recent days, 325 independent smallholders managed by KUD Tri Daya got insurance of work accident from Badan Pengelola Jaminan Sosial (BPJS) Ketenagakerjaan. Regency of Kotim guaranteed the insurance as the support to welfare them.

“By having the insurance, the independent smallholders would be more secured and comfortable when working in the plantations,” Managet ICS Sertifikasi KUD Tri Daya, Rohmat said, as in the official information to InfoSAWIT, Friday (14/6/2024).

He also said that some potential accidents could happen in the plantations, such as, falling down from a motor bike when distributing fresh fruit bunch (FFB) or FFB falls down from the tree.

Nevertheless, Rohmat emphasized the work accident insurance does not mean to ignore the good plantation (work) and health system. “The smallholders have to apply or use self-protection tools in standards,” he emphasized.

Work accident insurance would be as the anticipation or prevention for the smallholders that the fund was from palm oil profit sharing that the regency got.

The insurance card was handed over to smallholders in the Sawit Expo inauguration day on 8 June 2024. They who got the subsidy thanked the regional government for being protected when working in the plantations or in the group. “By having the insurance, the smallholders would be protected when going from home, working, and going back home,” Rohmat said.

KUD Tri Daya would keep doing the best to protect and escalate the members’ welfare as same as the sustainability principles through ISPO and RSPO. This would be the sample for other unions in Indonesia to deliver the best services for independent smallholders. (T2)