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Palm Oil – Base Material Helmet: Support to Construct IKN

Doc. Spepcial/ilustration of Project Helmet
Palm Oil – Base Material Helmet: Support to Construct IKN

InfoSAWIT, BALIKPAPAN – Small and medium business (SMB) products from palm oil as the material get more in kinds. One of them is project helmet which becomes the important part as safety standard to construct Ibu Kota Nusantara (IKN). To promote the use of palm oil SMB, Team of Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) did visit to booth Otorita IKN in the Indonesia City Expo (ICE) 2024 in BSCC Dome Balikpapan on 6 June 2024.

Head of SMB and Cooperation PFMA, Helmi Muhansyah said that PFMA did many things to get partnership with palm oil SMB. He thought there would be chance to collaborate with Otorita IKN, namely in the context of sustainable development.

“The activities in palm oil SMB would be very potential to get collaboration namely because one concept to develop IKN is to implement sustainable development goals (SDGs) that should be the same with sustainable palm oil development principles,” Helmi said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Saturday (8/6/2024).

There are kinds of palm oil derivative products. The output of grand riset sawit can be developed by the people. Around IKN itself, there are many people’s plantations and they should get more additional values from palm oil. This would encourage to accelerate and realize of one of eight principles of IKN, which is, economic chance for everyone.

In the same chance, PFMA did hand over one palm oil SMB that got Indonesian National Standard (INS) which was palm oil helmet to the representative of Otorita IKN, DR. Dwi Agus Susilo, from Digital and Green Transformation Deputy.

The helmet was biomaterial innovation that research and downstream (department) of PFMA supported. The shell of the helmet was made from the composite with fiber filler with microparticle from empty bunches. It got INS certification and got patent granted P00201609159 and patent brand D002017041221 with TKDN 71,12%. The innovator of palm oil helmet is DR. Siti Nikmatin from Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) University. Green composite helmet within palm oil as the material has some majorities, such as, highly strong to collision, light, environmental because of from palm oil, and not hot when being used.

The palm oil helmet would be commercialized by SMB, such as, PT Interstisi Material Maju (PT IMM) and PT Material Data Space (PT MDS), as part of palm oil SMB in partnership with PFMA. It is hoped the product would significantly contribute to sustainable development and construction in IKN and open the new chance of economy for the local. (T2)