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Papua Province Encouraged Children Friendly – Palm Oil Industries

Special doc./Papua Province asked for Indonesian Palm Oil Associatioin (IPOA) in the province to implement children friendly – palm oil industries.
Papua Province Encouraged Children Friendly – Palm Oil Industries

InfoSAWIT, JAYAPURA – Papua Province encouraged Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) in the province to implement children friendly – palm oil industries to protect them from any harm.

Assistant in Economy and Welfare Papua Secretariat, Setyo Wahyudi said that when inaugurating the promotion about "Sawit Indonesia Ramah Anak" in the City of Jayapura, Wednesday (5/6/2024).

"The children are the next generations in Papua that should be protected and they have rights to get protection from any harm, namely in palm oil industries,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from Antara.

Papua would be very supportive to this and as the way to make sustainable palm oil industries and children friendly. “This would be the reality to make palm oil plantation sectors in Papua go forward by paying attention to sustainability and children friendly – aspects,” Setyo said.

He also said that palm oil is the main commodity in Indonesia, including in Papua. It significantly plays the roles in economy in the regions and national level. “In Papua, palm oil plantation potential would be very massive and become the motor of economy in the region. That is why we have to confirm that palm oil industries in this province should deliver profits but also be children friendly,” he emphasized.

Chairman of IPOA Papua, Tulus Sianipar said that through the activity, the hope was the palm oil plantation companies in the province would understand and create children – friendly environment. “Indonesia’s palm oil promotion that is children friendly in Papua should implement business principles that pay attention to the children’s rights in palm oil sectors locally,” Sianipar said.

By realizing children – friendly palm oil industries, it is hoped to create much safer environment work and welfare for every party, including the children that become the next generations of this nation. Papua Province is committed to keep supervising and supporting sustainable palm oil development and children friendly in the province. (T2)