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Smallholders in Rokan Hulu Implement ISPO Certification

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Smallholders in Rokan Hulu Implement ISPO Certification

InfoSAWIT, ROHUL - Head of Plantation Agency Regency of Rokan Hulu, CH. Agung Nugroho also fully supported the independent smallholders that want to join the organization and get ISPO certificate. He thought, ISPO certificate would be mandatory for every planter including them.

He thought, they get more and more as time goes by. On the other hand, palm oil plantations in many remote areas in the villages encouraged the economic progress in the society. That is why, he continued, it needs a same plac for them to keep growing in the future.

“Regency of Rokan Hulu fully supports independent smallholders that want to join SPKS to get ISPO certificate,” he said.

The cooperation between the two is realized in official memorandum of understanding (MoU) as the basic to get cooperation in ISPO certification facilitation and other activities that would have something to do with palm oil governance improvement for SPKS members. The goal is also about to escalate their ability and potential, and each resource to support the smallholders to be equal and sustainable optimally.

Some significant points in the MoU are about to escalate institutional capacity and smallholders’ human resources, facilitate ISPO certification activity for SPKS members, support smallholders replanting program acceleration, develop infrastructures and others that both sides agreed with. The MoU would be for the next four years and would be in synergy and sustainably conducted. (T1)

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