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IPB Training, PFMA, and General Directorate of Plantation Conducted Palm Oil HR Training in Central Sulawesi

Doc. of IPB Training for InfoSAWIT/IPB Training, PFMA and General Directorate of Plantation conducted palm oil human resource training in Central Sulawesi
IPB Training, PFMA, and General Directorate of Plantation Conducted Palm Oil HR Training in Central Sulawesi

InfoSAWIT, PALU Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agecy, General Directorate of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) Training did palm oil human resource (HR) training in Central Sulawesi Province. It was a five day – training from 27 May to 31 May 2024, in Swiss-Belhotel Silae Palu within 84 smallholders in North Morowali.

It was inaugurated on Monday (27/05/2024) in the Ballroom Swiss-Belhotel and attended by Regent of North Morowali, Delis Julkarson Hehi; Head of Production and Plantation Plant Protection, Plantation and Livestock Agency Central Sulawesi Province, Simpra Tajang; Head of Food and Agriculture Agency Regency of North Morowali, Jasrion Ampugo; Chairman of Secretariat of Palm Oil Plantation HR Development, Eva Lizarmi; and Coordiator Profession Certification Standardization, Eka Herrisuparman.

The representative of IPB, Hariyadi hoped that the training would deliver more knowledge, insights, and skills for the smallholders in palm oil plantation cultivation. “By this training, the smallholders’ knowledge and skills would be more and palm oil production and planting would be more optimal and compete in the globe,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Saturday (1/5/2024).

Meanwhile, Eva Lizarmi that represented General Director of Plantation said that the training for the smallholders had been escalated from 10.000 to be 30.000 participants. "The training for smallholders is needed still to escalate palm oil plantation production and productivity and they should get skills and knowledge which are the same with good agricultural practices,” she said.

Regent of North Morowali, Delis Julkarson Hehi suggested the smallholders to seriously pay attention. “I do hope the participants would get every material deliverd and get field implementation well,” he said.

Simpra Tajang also hoped the training would escalate their skills and knowledge in the regency. “And smallholders’ capacity would be better in cultivating theirs,” Simpra Tajang said.

The training itself proposed the theme "Teknis Budidaya Kelapa Sawit". It had seven main topics, such as, seed preparation, the planting, nursery for immature and mature plants, organism control, and other field practice activities. The interactive training method was designed to help the smallholders.

Jasrion Ampugo did appreciate the training because it could facilitate the smallholders in the regency. “I do hope every participant would join it happily,” he said.

Besides the traing, the participants did field visit to palm oil plantations on Thursday (31/05/2024) in PT. Unggul Widya Teknologi Lestari, Regency of Pasang Kayu, West Sulawesi Province. The goal was about to deliver description about the good agricultural practices and be the sample to develop smallholders’ plantation productivity.

The participants were developed by plantation assistant of PT. Unggul Widya Teknologi Lestari. They went to some location, such as, mature and productive plants, pest control, and demonstration to apply fertilization mechanically. They also visited the seeding process and got explanation about certified seeds, saw dummy fresh fruit bunch from many seed producer companies in Indonesia.

With the supports from the central and regional government, and the strong commitment of the smallholders, it is hoped that smallholders would escalate their economy and welfare in Central Sulawesi and around. (T2)