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AXA Financial Indonesia Celebrated the 18th Anniversary by CSR Program in Village of Kedung Dalem

Doc. of AXA Financial Indonesia for InfoSAWIT/ AXA Financial Indonesia celebrated the 18th anniversary by distributing CSR in Village of Kedung Dalem.
AXA Financial Indonesia Celebrated the 18th Anniversary by CSR Program in Village of Kedung Dalem

InfoSAWIT, TANGERANG – AXA Financial Indonesia (AFI) celebrated its 18th anniversary by reinforcing its commitment to deliver the best services and protection for the people through corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, "AFI Berbagi". In association with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, AXA Financial Indonesia tried to escalate the villagers’ capacity of Kedung Dalem, Mauk, Regency of Tangerang, Banten Province by sharing knowledge that covered up financial literacy and housing wastes management.

President Director of AXA Financial Indonesia, Niharika Yadav said that ‘AFI Berbagi’ would be the real commitment and evidence of the company to implement sustainable programs which are useful and delivering good impacts for the villagers. By this, AXA Financial Indonesia would take every worker as volunteer to cooperate and empower the people of Indonesia to escalate their lives’ quality to be better.

“IT is not only about giving insight about how to manage the finance in the house wiser, especially how to protect ourselves from online loan, but also how to conserve the local environment by managing wastes sustainably,” he said as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Monday (27/5/2024).

Data published by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK), online loan in Banten Province in January 2024 was in the fourth rank from other provinces. The people of Banten might get online loan up to Rp 5,04 trillion or 12 percent higher than the same period last year, that reached Rp 4,511 trillion. The stuck credit reached 2,40 percent within 3 of 100 online loan users in the province.

Besides, Regency of Tangerang is a region with the biggest waste volume in Banten in 2022 that reached 841 thousand tons or 32 percent of the total waste volume in the province. During Idul Fitri in April 2024, Regency of Tangerang got 3.000 tons of waste per day with the increasing volume up to 500 tons per day to the regular days. Most of the waste was from the houses.

Director of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, Susanto said that as part of global – scale non-government organization, the organization wanted to expand its intervention by delivering trainings for the people within small economy to survive independently, capably, and in welfare.

“That is why we do welcome the cooperation with AXA Financial Indonesia by delivering financial literacy education. It would help the villagers of Kedung Dalem to know and understand how to manage the finance in their houses, and understand that it is important to maintain the environment good by managing the wastes of houses,” Susanto said.

The training materials would focus on the mothers in the Village of Kedung Dalem and cover the topic of financial management that team of AXA Financial Indonesia would deliver. The focus would be about managing the basic finance, such as, how to differentiate the will and the needs, and the account of house.

Besides, the material would be about how to manage online loan and introduce the alternative official financial institution to deliver much safer loans for the people. The management of waste was delivered by the local health center. It covered up the first process, such as, the pot, collecting, choosing, recycle, and the final process of the wastes by involving the local. (T2)