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AIC Confirmed Sustainable Woof Chain in UK: Derived from Sustainable Palm Oil

Doc. of screenshot/Head of Animal Feed, Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), James McCulloch.
AIC Confirmed Sustainable Woof Chain in UK: Derived from Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Sustainability in agriculture would be very significant. It covers three main pillars, environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Sustainable agriculture integrated the three pillars to confirm the long term – productivity and ecology balance.

Head of Animal Feed, Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), James McCulloch, said agricultural supply chain plays its roles to realize sustainability. It should not be underestimated because it significantly provides inputs, such as, fertilizers, woof, seeds, and plant protection products.

“These inputs would enable farmers, smallholders to produce sustainable food for the markets in the United Kingdom (UK) with the government’s policies that emphasized sustainable agricultural production,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quote from the official page of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Friday (24/5/2024).

He also said that Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) significantly plays its roles in the ecosystem. AIC confirmed that the members supply the products that qualified the regulation and would help the farmers to produce sustainable, affordable, and the most important thing, safe – foods.

To support the mission, AIC established Palm Oil Credit System that would enable its members to purchase credit that guarantees the sources of sustainable palm oil. The system would escalate transparency and traceability which are significant to maintain the trust and obedience in the supply chain.

Technical Manager, AIC, Roberta Reeve said that sustainable food production would need business to implement policy and initiatives that promote sustainability.

“AIC would help the members to qualify the government’s commitment and industrial standards, for instance, promoting the use of products in palm oil – base which was responsibly produced. This showed the commitment to the practices of sustainability,” he said.

The organization partner also supported it, such as, RSPO. The sustainable source would be the priority for the next years.

As the conclusion, sustainable agriculture demands multifaceted approach, integrates environmental cultivation, economic worthy, and social responsibility. The organization, such as, AIC would be very significant to guide agricultural industries heading to sustainability, confirm that food production qualified the demands on transparency, traceability and regulation obedience that keep increasing.

“By encouraging this kind of initiative, agricultural sectors would keep providing sustainable food solution, support both the environment and economy,” James McCulloch said. (T2)