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PT Surveyor Indonesia: Develop Traceability Platform for EUDR

Doc. InfoSAWIT
PT Surveyor Indonesia: Develop Traceability Platform for EUDR

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - European Union Deforestation-free Regulation (EUDR) that would officially be implemented in 2025 is serious concern for many exporter stakeholders and planters including palm oil in Indonesia. The regulation would require evidences that every exported commodity in plantation sectors should not be from high risks in deforestation.

To confirm export commodities from Indonesia, for instance, palm oil, coffee, chocolate, and rubber, qualifying EUDR standards, the stakeholders should get traceability of source.

PT Surveyor Indonesia has developed a traceability platform for many commodities. It would cover data collection and management, planters’ traceability registration map(s), and other activities that are relevant with business to business (B2B) scheme.

The platform has been developed with series of tests together with related parties in palm oil and other commodities supply chain.

PT Surveyor Indonesia also actively discussed with the government to develop the platform to be a national – scale dashboard and should be coordinated by Coordinator Ministry in economy, particularly in food and agri-business. The traceability platform would be always developed to reinforce its traceability aspects, features which would be significant for independent, plasma smallholders, and other commodity industries.

“Including the easiness to get registration mechanism and others to make sure the privacy and commodity supply chain traceability,” Director of Human Resource PT Surveyor Indonesia, Lussy Ariani Seba said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from Liputan6 Thursday (23/5/2024).

Data security would be the significant aspects in the traceability platform. PT Surveyor Indonesia confirmed that blockchain system would be applied to keep the security and integrity of commodity data that was gathered. The system would help make sure that input data in the platform would be secured and trusted and qould qualify the close conditions in EUDR.

As part of dashboard taskforce in national scale, PT Surveyor Indonesia is in charge to develop, manage, facilitate every development and traceability system test to national scale – commodities. It would cover data collection and management, map, registration, certification, and planters’ traceability just like being regulated in EUDR and other global – scale policies.

In the future, Lussy continued PT Surveyor Indonesia would get accessibility test to national – scale dashboard platform in order to reinforce traceability system future and aspects, the mechanism application to get registration and certification, option to get offline data input, and other things to make sure data privacy and commodity supply chain traceability. These are significant to make sure that export mainstay commodity from Indonesia would qualify international scale – standards and be competitive in the trade globally.

By having the initiative, it is hoped the commodities from Indonesia would be accepted and traded in Europe and the sustainable and environmental ones. (T2)