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Ministry of Industry Increased Palm Oil Human Resource Quality through Industrial Vocational Education Nationally

Special doc./Ministry of Industry increased palm oil human resource quality through industrial vocational education nationally
Ministry of Industry Increased Palm Oil Human Resource Quality through Industrial Vocational Education Nationally

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Indonesia keeps maintaining its position as the biggest palm oil producer in the world within crude palm oil (CPO) production up to 45,5 million metric ton (MT) per year. Palm oil industries become the significant pillar to escalate independent smallholders’ welfare and significantly contribute the exchange for the country.

Besides, these industries massively delivered impacts to employment, are the pillars for million lives. “To mobilize palm oil industries nationally, it needs competent human resource in these sectors. Ministry of Industry would keep creating human resource candidates in palm oil sectors through vocational education,” Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita said when inaugurating a palm oil seminar with the theme “Sawit Generasi Emas: Membangun Masa Depan Berkelanjutan” in Politeknik ATI Padang, online, Tuesday (21/5/2024).

To realize the vision of downstream sectors in palm oil commodity, it would be very crucial to develop competent human resource. It is mandated in President’s Regulation Number 74 / 2022 about National Industrial Policy to develop palm oil downstream sectors. The main focus in the regulation is about to reinforce functional/nutritious food production, kinds of non-food products, and vegetable fuel in palm oil – base.

Agus also emphasized that palm oil human resource development would be the strategy to inclusively and sustainably develop the economy.

Head of Industrial Human Resource Development Agency, Masrokhan also said, the good industrial vocational education would create competent human resource, reinforce (many) industries which are tough and competitive in the globe.

Palm oil industries also significantly play the roles to reduce green-house gas target up to 31,89% in 2030, as same as in the document - Enhanced Nationally Determined Contribution (E-NDC).

“This seminar would deliver chance for the experts, practitioners, and other stakeholders to share their knowledge, experiences, and innovative solutions about palm oil industrial development, starting from technology issues, human resources, and social and environmental aspects,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (22/5/2024).

Masrokhan hoped the palm oil seminar would also deliver insight and new inspiration to realize palm oil as the successful sample in maintaining the balance of economy, environment, and the social.

Palm oil seminar in Politeknik ATI Padang would be part of series of industrial vocational fair (IVF) Region Sumatera. The IVF involved educational units in Ministry of Industry in Sumatera to conduct some activities, such as, seminar, exhibition, and job fair. It was the same time with the 50th anniversary of Politeknik ATI Padang that created competent human resource in agro - industries.

In Sumatera, there have been some educational units of Ministry of Industry, for instance, Politeknik ATI Padang, PTKI Medan, SMK-SMTI Aceh, SMK-SMAK Padang, SMK-SMTI Padang, and SMK-SMTI Bandar Lampung. In the series of IVF, Industrial Human Resource Development Agency also provided registration for the schools and politeknik that Ministry of Industry manages through jalur penerimaan vokasi industri (JARVIS) in 2024. Every candidate of student should register to the schools and campus in the same way, through jarvis.kemenperin.go.id. (T2)