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Palm Oil Seeds: 242 Million Nationally

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Palm Oil Seeds: 242 Million Nationally

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - As palm oil producer in the world, Indonesia is supported by palm oil producer in national scale. Of 20 palm oil seed producers, 242 million palm oil seeds were produced within 68 seed varieties. Some of them are resistant to Ganoderma attacks.

Indonesia claimed itself as the main player in palm oil industries in the globe. A fact that cannot be ignored because some indicators follow, including the supports from superior palm oil seed producers.

Chairman of Forum Kerjasama Produsen Benih Kelapa Sawit, Dwi Asmono said that Indonesia now has potential production up to 242 million seeds. The numbers were produced by more than 20 seed producers within about 68 kinds.

In 2023, seed distribution covered 124,5 million. The numbers were the biggest in the globe though being decreased from the previous year that almost reached 130 million. In market share – context, Pusat Penelitian Kelapa Sawit (PPKS) is still the main seed producer with the highest market. It was on the top and be predicted to get more market contribution in 2024.

“When we discussed about downstream (sectors), our palm oil is the number one. In the upstream, which is, in seeds, Indonesia is the leader in the world,” Dwi said in a discussion about the 2024 palm oil seeds online which was conducted by Gamal Institute by the early of February 2024 that InfoSAWIT monitored.

Dwi Asmono predicted, the needs of palm oil seeds would be increasing as the population keeps growing in the world. The other factor that has something to do with palm oil needs, is that, other vegetable oils got decreasing supply, such as, sunflower oil because of drought and geopolitics in Ukraine.

But it needs special attention in palm oil seed planting for the smallholders. The massive distribution of fake/illegal palm oil seeds needs serious attention. (T2)

Source: Majalah InfoSAWIT, March 2024