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Workers in PT MHL and CV MAL Should be Unemployed

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Workers in PT MHL and CV MAL Should be Unemployed

InfoSAWIT, BANGKA TENGAH — What the workers in the mills of PT Mutiara Hijau Lestari (MHL) and CV Mutiara Alam Lestari (MAL) are afraid of to be unemployed, happened because the the General Attorney Indonesian Republic blocked the accounts of the companies.

The attorney and also spokesman of PT MAS, PT BPB, PT MHL, dan CV MAL, Jhohan Adhi Ferdian was sorry for the people were in trouble, namely the smallholders and the mill workers.

In the official statement, Jhohan delivered announce about the meeting on 13 May 2024 in the official house of Governor of Bangka Belitung (Babel) where the governor in duty of Babel asked for the companies to re-operate.

“We would like to inform you eight points. The first, governor in duty of Babel asked the two mills should immediately purchase and produce fresh fruit bunch (FFB) from the villagers and smallholders at least in one week with every consideration that we could not afford,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from TIMELIMES, Sunday (19/5/2024).

The second, the mills should stop producing or purchasing FFB from the villagers until the accounts of the companies being active again. “The third, about the account block, the management of the companies tried to send two proposals to re-open their accounts from General Attorney so that they could operate and purchase the villagers’ FFB but there was no response at all,” he said.

The fourth, the managements of the companies should fire the workers/labors that started on 17 May 2024. "The unemployed workers could be about 600 men and the company would realize the available regulation,” he said while adding the fifth and sixth point.

The seventh, the companies had sent legal information for Labors, One Stop Service, and Investment Agency Regency of Bangka Tengah and also Labor Agency Babel Province. “The last is that the managements of the companies would open themselves if governor in duty of Babel has other relevant option besides the optioin told in the meeting on 13 May 2024,” he said.

Jhohan asked for the supports from the villagers so that this could be the consideration of the investigator to open the account blocks of the companies and they would operate again. “Please, we ask for your support and pray so that we would pass this test. Personally, we are sad to see many social media that the villagers worry. Whatever it is, I am one villager in Bangka Tengah and have personal connection with smallholders here,” he said. (T2)