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Director of Poltek Kelapa Sawit CWE, Nugroho Kristono: We Are Ready to Create Palm Oil Human Resources

Doc. of InfoSAWIT/Director of Politeknik Citrawidya Edukasi, Stephanus Nugroho Kristono.
Director of Poltek Kelapa Sawit CWE, Nugroho Kristono: We Are Ready to Create Palm Oil Human Resources

InfoSAWIT, BEKASI – It needs highly commitment from every stakeholder to develop the sustainability of palm oil business in the world, just like the mission of President Joko Widodo to realize the independency of this nation. It really needs to develop the outer sides of region, develop qualified education to escalate the (people’s) welfare through palm oil business.

Palm oil business commercially which has been developing for more than 100 years in Indonesia, of course, gives many advantages for the nation. Palm oil plantations which are mostly in the remote areas really develop the regions and become better. So, it needs the same commitment to succeed it by education.

The same commitment, according to Nugroho, could be done by the government as the executor in this country to support the business development. The businessmen themselves could develop the university to prepare the human resources (HR).

“Though palm oil business develops massively to support and increase the economy, but it needs special attention from the government and the business world,” Director of Poltek CWE explained.

It is the main factor in the future, that is, the presence of qualified human resources for palm oil industries from the upstream to downstream sectors. As a matter of fact, having the education which is as same as the needs of the industry, human resources   will work in the sector. “Developing the university should be as same as developing and increase the related research to make the industry develops more, efficient, environment, and could welfare,” he explained.


Sustainable Commitment

As part of integrated palm oil business from the upstream to downstream, Nugroho thought, it needs education which is up to date, such as, the environment issue, which every university should know the progress.

Actually, the education in Link and Match – base has been implemented in Indonesia. Years ago, when the Secretary of Education was Wardiman, Indonesia had made the conditions, that the education should base on the business world. But until now, there are lots of problems to the idea.

Learning from the advance countries, and also Malaysia, the education in the country could graduate the human resource which the industry needs so the country could go forward. “It needs the same commitment to master every problem in the education world,” the father of three children said.

The government should empower the regulations in palm oil industries, for example, the obligation of Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) through the Secretary’s Regulation which is to support the business world to fulfill and get ISPO.

Many regulations in palm oil industries, from the upstream to downstream, should be reviewed seriously so that the industry could follow the progress and be strong to compete with others.

Poltek CWE, Nugroho thought, could fulfil the human resource needs. The studies thought to the students are: hard skill, soft skill, curriculum, and the academic structure is always up date, and the lecturers are too. So they who graduated from Poltek CWE could adjust and work in palm oil business.

The advantages for the graduate of Poltek CWE are they are faster to adapt, know the latest progress. Until now, Poltek CWE has graduated 550 students who are working in many palm oil areas in Indonesia and Malaysia. The Malaysian company, Serawak Berhard once saluted about how Poltek CWE educated the students.

“It means, we could fulfil the qualified human resources in palm oil and until now, Poltek CWE still cooperates with the national and Malayian companies,” Nugroho who is fond of riding bicycle said. (*)

Source: Majalah InfoSAWIT, February 2016