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Should be Fair: Indonesia – United Kingdom Discussed Due Diligence about Palm Oil Trade

Doc. of Public Relation of Coordinator Ministry in Economy/Coordinator Minister in Economy, Airlangga Hartarto asked for United Kingdom Minister of Climate, Environment, and Energy so that sustainable
Should be Fair: Indonesia – United Kingdom Discussed Due Diligence about Palm Oil Trade

InfoSAWIT, LONDON – Coordinator Minister in Economy, Indonesian Republic, Airlangga Hartarto did work visit to United Kingdom, Tuesday (30/04/2024). One significant agenda was about to meet Minister for Climate, Environment, and Energy, United Kingdom (UK), Lord Richard Henry Ronald Benyon in London.

The meeting was discussing about UK acts about Due Diligence to every commodity that would be risky for forests and would significantly deliver impacts for product trade from Indonesia, such as, palm oil.

Airlangga Hartarto emphasized that Indonesia wanted the UK acts – Due Diligence would not make distortion of trade or discrimination to palm oil (products). “Many developing countries have their rights to develop sustainable and multi-lateral trade system with transparency, non-discrimination, and consistency principles with the international – scale regulations,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (2/5/2024)

In his response, Minister Richard said that the Government of UK should implement Due Diligence on sustainable products by having partnership approach. This woud also consider every standard and certification available in the partner countries, including Indonesian Sustainabe Palm Oil (ISPO), Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). He also discussed about smallholders and wanted to get sustainable product supply chain from Indonesia but should not deliver losses for the forests.

Besides discussing trade, it was the chance for Indonesia to deliver explaination about the progress in green – house gas (GHG) emission control. The program, for instance, biodiesel 40 percent (B40), the planting of mangrove, and energy transition were discussed. Minister Richar did get the explanation and hoped to share experiences to what Indonesia has been achieving in climate change solution.

As part of the commitment of Indonesia to minimize climate change impacts, the two perfected nationally determined contribution (NDC) by escalating the targets of emission reduction. This would escalate from 29% in the first NDC to be 31,89% without conditions (without international scale - helps), and escalate from 41% to be 43,20% with international – scale helps.

The meeting ended by a conclusion to continue FACT (Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade) dialogue as a global – scale forum to informally discuss among the government and other related parties about commodity trade that would have something to do with tropical forest deforestation.

Besides Minister Airlangga, the meeting was joined by Vice Minister of Trade, Jerry Sambuaga; Indonesian Ambassador in UK, Desra Percaya; Secretary of Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Susiwijono Moegiarso; Deputy of Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Edi Pambudi; and Expert Staff in Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Rizal Edwin Manangsang. (T2)