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Regent of Ketapang: The People Should Develop Palm Oil to Welfare and Get More Investment

Foto by Bernardus Ritchard/sawit fest 2021/Ilustration of palm oil
Regent of Ketapang: The People Should Develop Palm Oil to Welfare and Get More Investment

InfoSAWIT, KETAPANG – Regent of Ketapang, West Kalimantan Province, Martin Rantan suggested the people to develop palm oil plantations as one part of the regional government to offer palm oil mill investment in the regency. He told that when attending ‘meet and greet’ with the villagers of Sidahari, Lamboy, Sub district of Jelai Hulu in a football field, Village of Sidahari, Lamboy.

"I met with investor to develop palm oil mills. One would be in Sub district of Laur. It would be in this 2024," he said, as released by Leadership Communication and Protocol, Ketapang Secretariat, Monday (29/4/2024).

He also said that the mill would also be contracuted in Sub district of Tumbang Titi, Sub district of Marau, and in Pesaguan, Sub district of Matan Hilir Selatan. He thought, the constructions would be very significant.

“For palm oil companies want to process fresh fruit bunch (FFB). After that they would process from the people’s plantations. If the mills have been contructed in the sub districts, automatically smallholders’ FFB could be sold to the mills that have no plantations,” he explained.

Martin also explained that the people of Ketapang can develop palm oil plantaitons in production forests while the companies cannot plant it in forest production.

“The people for many years have been living in Lamboy, Kusik Pakit, Pasir Mayang, Benatu, and others. Automatically, they have to get solution, which is, employment to get better lives,” he said.

That is why Martin also took the people to plant and develop palm oil because it would be produced to be biodiesel, aviation turbin, and other needs. This would locally develop the economy and contribute to renewable energy development sustainably. (T2)