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PT Pembangunan Aceh (PEMA): Would Develop Palm Oil Mill and Port Infrastructures

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PT Pembangunan Aceh (PEMA): Would Develop Palm Oil Mill and Port Infrastructures

InfoSAWIT, ACEH – Director of PT Pembangunan Aceh (PEMA), Ali Mulyagusdin delivered announcement that the company would construct palm il refinery in Aceh. It would take advantages on crude palm oil from every district in the province. "Palm oil refineries would be in some spots that we are still studying,” he said, as quoted from Aceh Journal National Network, Sunday (21/4/2024).

Besides constructing refineries, PT PEMA would get palm oil shell trade. He also mentioned the shell would be gathered in Kuala Langsa Port. “We are making feasibility study and mapping the supply chain,” he said.

Ali continued that the company plays important role to optimize port infastructure facilities in Aceh to support the commodity production. This would encourage the future industrial development. “The core is that we would remain focus to realize poverty alleviation, minimize unemployment, and escalate the revenue in Aceh Province,” he said.

Prior, PT PEMA did the first lifting in sulfur commodity through Kuala Langsa Port. Ali explained that the first operation was taking place in Blang Lancang Port, Lhokseumawe, but it is now in Kuala Langsa Port. "The new location is about to get escalating transaction and liven up every port in Aceh Province. “Everyone of use hope that Langsa would keep moving to be the center of trade and service in eastern Aceh,” he said.

Ali believed that the good management in Kuala Langsa Port would play big roles to develop the economy in Aceh. Besides escalating the revenue in the region, the cooperatioin would be hiring many workers and the public would take advantages on the infrastructure to get more investment in the province. (T2)