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Indonesia: Market Penetration in Palm Cooking Oil Packages in Mddile East and Africa

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Indonesia: Market Penetration in Palm Cooking Oil Packages in Mddile East and Africa

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - To get (crude) palm oil market expansion in many countries, the Government of Indonesia recently encouraged the stakeholders to do palm cooking oil packaging business in the Middle East and Africa with the potential profits up to US$ 6 million.

Ministry of Trade Indonesia Republic through Trade Attache in Cairo keeps trying to expand palm cooking oil package business in Middle East and Africa. This would be part of the government’s commitment to maximize palm cooking oil packaging industries from Indonesia in the world.

On 3 January 2024, Trade Attache in Cairo, M. Syahran Bhakti S, and delegation of Indonesia Embassy in Cairo, did field visit to export and import company, El Tawheed in Fayoum, Egypt. It was the concrete realization from the government’s commitment to support palm cooing oil packaging industry from Indonesia.

"The visit to El Tawheed is the commitment of government to boost market potential in palm cooking oil packaging industry from Indonesia. This has big potential in Middle East and Africa,” M. Syahran Bhakti S said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

The delegation of Indonesian Embassy in Cairo was accepted by Director of El Tawheed, Khaled Khouly and his directors. Khaled told the potential exports of El Tawheed from Indonesia could be reaching USD 6 million in 2024. It would process crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivative products, canned tuna, and canned sardines. He also appreciated the facilitation that Indonesian Embassy in Cairo provided.

In other meeting, Indonesian Embassy delegation in Cairo led by Vice Representative Head Indonesian Republic/Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) M. Zaim A. Nasution, and M. Syahran Bhakti S, Economic Function Coordinator and II Secretary of Economic Function met Chairman of Fayoum Chambers, Magdi Taha Jaballah. They discussed the opportunity to escalate bilateral business and investment between Indonesia and Egypt.

"Fayoum Chambers did welcome Indonesian Embassy delegation in Cairo. The meeting should get many recommendations to escalate trade and economy between Indonesia and Egypt,” Magdi said. (T2)

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