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Members KUB Plasma Menjeletung Perdana Lestari: Do Not Accept The Surplus from PT PCP

Doc. InfoSAWIT/Ilustartion of palm oil plantation
Members KUB Plasma Menjeletung Perdana Lestari: Do Not Accept The Surplus from PT PCP

InfoSAWIT, TANA TIDUNG – After getting response from PT Pipit Citra Perdana (PCP) about business surplus in 2022 – 2023, Koperasi Usaha Bersama Plasma Menjelutung Perdana Lestari (KUB. PMPL) was not satistied to the answers. The official documents Number 031/PCP-TRK/LEGAL/III/2024 just would pay Rp 149.600.734 and the numbers would not be enough for the members of KUB PMPL.

In the documents, PCP stated that the payment is the result from the losses since in 2023. But members of KUB PMPL did not accept it. Secretary of KUB PMPL, Ares Wahyudi mentioned that the reason for the loss was irrelevant in partnership context that members of KUB PMPL should be in charge on plasma plantation cultivation.

He thought, PCP is hoped to deliver the surplus calculation in detail, including the bases to table summary about business surplus calculation from 2019 to 2023. “This is significant so that the smallholders would not get loss and the union would be able to operate its obligation and welfare the villagers of Menjelutung,” Ares said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (5/4/2024).

KUB PMPL proposed to get meeting and discussion about the issue. They hoped the regional government woud take part, such as, the regent, chairman of legislators, head of sub district, head of agriculture, food and fishery agency in the regengy.

Ares hoped it is also significant to get annual meeting to maintain the status and openness of the union. If the business surplus payment would not be available, the annual meeting would not be conducted and eventually would lower the status of the union. This should be seen as something threatens the existence of the union and partnership that have been running for all these years.

KUB PMPL would do the best to maintain its dignity and interest of its members. But if PCP ignores the partnership and would not cooperate the harmonious cooperation, the plasma union would be threatened, just like in 2014 - 2019.

Within 235 members of plasma smallholders in KUB PMPL, they have agreed with the company to get profit sharing system in 40 – 60% from a 482,76 hectare – plantation. In the past years, they could not do anything for they got nothing from the profit sharing. (T2)