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PT Teladan Prima Agro Tbk (TLDN): Income Reached Rp 4,01 Trillion in 2023

Foto by Dea Kinanti_Sawitfest 2021/ilustration of plantation
PT Teladan Prima Agro Tbk (TLDN): Income Reached Rp 4,01 Trillion in 2023

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – PT Teladan Prima Agro Tbk (TLDN), a national scale palm oil plantation company successfully booked income that reached Rp 4,01 trillion in 2023. This showed the progress that reached 10,9% to the previous year that reached Rp 3,61 trillion.

The achievement surpassed the previous targe that reached 10% year on year (yoy). The positive realization happened for the increasing crude palm oil (CPO) trade and the same with the operational production optimization.

TLDN successfully realized CPO volume trade that reached 343.748 tons in 2023. This showed the progress that reached 17,5% from the previous year that reached 292.545 tons. Palm kernel (PK) trade did increase that reached 15,5% yoy or from 47.752 tons in 2022 to be 55.172 tons in 2023. Even though the two got decreaing in price, the increasing volume successfully compensated the decreasing (price).

Director of TLDN, Wishnu Wardhana told that the inclusive marketing strategy of the company would be the main factor to increase CPO and PK trade. “The strategies covered direct trade to the buyers without having third parties, various trade to some buyers, the application of commodity price reference standards, and good cooperation with third parties that tested certified quality in national and international standards,” Wishnu said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (2/4/2024).

The positive income achievement was reflected by other financial performances. TLDN got Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) that reached Rp 927,85 billion, gross profits about Rp 1,07 trillion, and net profits about Rp 451,79 billion. Besides, the total assets of the copany by the late of 2023 reached Rp 5,42 trillion. This showed the progress that reached 3,8% yoy, while the total equity got escalated that reached 12,8% yoy, and total liability decreased that reached 2,6% yoy. These showed that the financial balance of TLDN is in good position.

On the other hand, the operational performance in the company got positive results in 2023. The processed fresh fruit bunch production totally reached 1,4 million tons, got escalated 4,9% to the previous year. CPO production did escalate that reached 9% from the same period in the previous year that reached 327.688 tons, while PK production got escalated 4,6%, or 52.207 tons. (T2)