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Planting Paddy Gogo in SRP Plantations in Muara Enim

Doc. of Ministry of Agriculture/ Planting paddy gogo in smallholders’ replanting program (SRP) plantations in Muara Enim.
Planting Paddy Gogo in SRP Plantations in Muara Enim

InfoSAWIT, MUARA ENIM – After successfully planting paddy in plantations in Banten Province, the Secretary of General Directorate of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Heru Tri Widarto continued the same by having Paddy Gogo Planting Kick Off in smallholders replanting program (SRP) plantations particularly in Village of Harapan Jaya, Sub district of Muara Enim, Regency of Muara Enim, Tuesday, 26 March 2024.

"Food security would be the mirror of reflection and symbol of agricultural sustainability and economic sustainability. I do appreciate the heads of agencies both South Sumatera Province and Regency of Muara Enim for starting the true realization of KESATRIA. We do hope food sovereignty starts from this regency because South Sumatera Province is the fifth highest paddy producer in Indonesia,” Heru said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of Ministry of Agriculture, Thursday (28/3/2024).

He also told to fulfill the people’s needs in the future, Ministry of Agriculture would do the best to optimize palm oil, coconut, and other plantations to deliver additional income for the smallholders or farmers and to significantly secure food material stocks.

Heru continued paddy gogo planting is potential with SRP in the province for the plantations laid on about 44.546,94 hectares and Regency of Muara Enim got 1.266 hectares.

"This would not be easy, needs supports from many parties and agency in Regency of Muara Enim should propose CPCL in paddy gogo planting," he said.

He also emphasized the institution took everyone to be committed to plant paddy. “Let us plant not only paddy seed but also belief. If this is successful, it would escalate paddy production and food materials would be well controlled,” Heru said. (T2)