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Planters Should Unite to Face the Economic Uncertainty in the Globe

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Planters Should Unite to Face the Economic Uncertainty in the Globe

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - In facing the economic uncertainty in the globe, one crucial aspect to notice is the inflation. Though the advance countries highly faced the inflation level, Indonesia could still maintain inflation numbers - less than 3 percent. But because of the 2024 El Nino, the inflation challenges would raise again. The solution would be in food sectors by accomplishing the issues in plantation sector (upstream), not in the downstream sectors.

The 2024 economic progress in Indonesia would be increasing 3 percent by looking at the investment that tends to escalate 30 percent from 2021 to 2023. But one significant note is that the investments would not significantly escalate employment because they tend to be capital intensive to work intensive. In this context, National Budget and Revenue would significantly play its roles to encourage consumption level.

It is acknowledged or not, the future economy would still be vague. Yet Indonesia did election day. Interest rate could remain high while the economic progress in many countries would have something do to with monetary and geopolitics.

“The Asian countries faced the challenges in high inflation. Indonesia itself keeps trying to get increasing economic development at five percent though to reach 7 percent would have heavier challenges,” she said in an event that  InfoSAWIT, joind in January 2024 in Jakarta.

She also said, in the global dynamic, palm oil sector would remain as the main power but it needs to get structural improvement in the upstream sector to confirm its sustainability. It is also about housing consumption as the biggest pillar and increasing plantation productivity. These would be the successful keys to develop the future palm oil sectors.

“Every planter both in the upstream and downstream sectors should unite and cooperate to face every challenge in Indonesia to sustainably realize economic development,” she said. (T2)

Source: Majalah InfoSAWIT, January 2024