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Palm Oil Plantation Companies in Bulungan Should Get Business Permits

Doc. InfoSAWIT/Ilustration of Plantation
Palm Oil Plantation Companies in Bulungan Should Get Business Permits

InfoSAWIT, TANJUNG SELOR – Regent of Bulungan, Syarwani told that many palm oil plantation companies in the regency do not have business rights. In the official statement, Thursday (21/3), Syarwani told that of 21 palm oil plantation permits published by the regency, only 7 of them operate mills.

Though they have permits, the production is only crude palm oil (CPO). Syarwani emphasized such companies should have legality in the regency to produce other derivative products, including palm cooking oil so that the people would get more advantages.

“Clear legality is the obligation for any company that develops palm oil plantations. I want that every company should escalate their competence to process CPO,” she said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from Radar Kaltara, Saturday (23/3/2024).

Of 21 published plantation permits, only 7 operate mills. That is why Regency of Bulungan encouraged the other companies to construct mills to provide employment for the local people around the plantations and mobilize the economy there.

“I do hope the companies that become the strategic partners of the regional government would support 15 prior programs of Bulungan with the pentahelix concepts," she said.

Syarwani also emphasized the in the future palm oil plantations should not be only CPO but other derivatives products, such as, palm cooking oil, because the region was once difficult to get it.

To escalate the production quality, the companies in the regency should innovate and keep learning to escalate their potential in CPO process. District of Bulungan is committed to deliver trainings and education about plantation result process for the people, and optimize the available potential in the regency. (T2)