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Paya Nie Peat: No Palm Oil because

Special doc./Illustration of Paya Nie Peat, Aceh.
Paya Nie Peat: No Palm Oil because

InfoSAWIT, BIREUEN – Coordinator of Koalisi Selamatkan Lahan dan Hutan Aceh, Yusmadi Yusuf told every party and the people not to plant palm oil trees in Paya Nie peat, Sub district of Kutablang, Regency of Bireuen because the peat plays important roles to water absorption. This is also regulated in Qanun Number 7 2013 about Spatial Plan.

As in the official statement, Yusmadi Yusuf told there have been findings in some locations where palm oil plantations develop. He thought this breaks the regulation that manages Paya Nie status as the protected areas.

He also told the latest finding by Aceh Wetland Foundation that mentioned the villagers that own plantations keep planting palm oil trees around the peat where some parts of the peat get dried. These happen in some villages, such as, Buket Dalam, Tanjong Siron, and Paloh Raya, Sub district of Kutablang, Regency of Bireuen.

It is indicated that they used heavy tools to damage the areas, peat the materials in the peat to develop palm oil plantations. Yusmadi was afraid, if this keeps happening, the peat that should be water backup for agriculture would shrink and get dry.

By the findings, the coalition firmly claimed for some related parties and took heads of villages around Paya Nie peat to unite and prevent palm oil plantation development so that it can be the water absorption areas. Besides, the coalition urged head of Sub district of Kutablang to really prevent palm oil expansion around it.

As quoted from Serambinews, not only that, the coalition asked regent of Bireuen and his officials to publish a regent’s regulation to manage the peat and decide the borders between the peat and villagers’ plantations. These would maintain the conservation in Paya Nie peat which is the source of life and agriculture in the regency.

Yusmadi hoped every party involved in the issue should seriously respond to the vital reas for the local people. (T2)