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International Women’s Day Commemoration: Gender Committee of SMM Encouraged Female as Economic Progressive Investment

Doc. of ANJ for InfoSAWIT/ Team of SMM, the speakers and moderator in Belitung Tumur talk show, 9 March 2024.
International Women’s Day Commemoration: Gender Committee of SMM Encouraged Female as Economic Progressive Investment

InfoSAWIT, BELITUNG TIMUR – Palm oil plantation company, PT Sahabat Mewah dan Makmur (SMM), the subsidiary of PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk. (ANJ) in Regency of Belitung Timur, conducted a talk show with the theme "Peran Perempuan sebagai Investasi Kemajuan Perekonomian" in the early of March at ANJ Learning Center. It was part of International Women’s day commemoration on 8 March.

It was attended by the representative of female workers from each estate and female staff coordinators. General Manager SMM, Mukhlisuddin Nasution told in his speech that the company is committed to the female’s rights.

“The company is committed to support the female rights. This is proven by establishing gender committee and positive event, such as, today’s talk show. Gender Committee is in charge to encourage female’s work condition and develop their knowledge about female empowerment, protect them, their children, and babysitting,” Nasution said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Monday (18/3/2024).

The talk show was moderated by the representative of Gender Committee, Raya Yulia Saputri and presented speakers, such as, Yeni Srihartati, Head of Fishery Agency Regency of Belitung Timur, and Vience MC Sibarani, Composting Manager as the representative of female workers at SMM. The participants and guests were enthusiastic about the interactive discussion with the speakers.

Yeni Srihartati tod that it is important to have strong commitment to play the good roles in the work environment and family. “Though many men work at a company, a female should show her ability and should confident in decision making,” she firmly said.

Boru Sibarani, as the female representative of SMM also emphasized the main goal of a female is to make sure that their children would get good education and character to be individuals that have kindness and get achievements in the future. “Let us make female as the source of inspiration for others,” she said.

The talk show was closed by handing over awards for two best female workers, they were, Rina B Sormin, harvester middle-woman in Jangkang Estate, and Sriwigiawati, nursery middle-woman in Balok Estate, as the respects for their contribution in their work. (T2)