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To Get Industries to Take for Advantage on Innovation Results

Doc. InfoSAWIT
To Get Industries to Take for Advantage on Innovation Results

InfoSAWIT, SURABAYA - When palm oil industries face dynamic, Chairman in Research IPOA, Dwi Asmono said that research in palm oil sector would lead three grand direction. Besides focusing in food and energy sectors, sustainability aspect would be the key to open the door for every researcher to develop green energy.

Dwi Asmono who is also the Director of PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk., told that in upstream sector, the research faced two major paradigms that researchers should consider about. The first, innovation in technology boost – base that creates options of technology should be adopted by the industries. The second, research paradigm in customer pull – base that gets research from planters’ direct needs.

For example, he continued, plantation productivity. Until now, it is stagnant and it needs to identify what the potential factors are. These are critical to escalate productivity based on planters’ direct needs (customer pull)

It is important to identify source of palm oil genetics in Indonesia. though palm oil breeding in Indonesia gets more, palm oil genetic resources are not many enough.

The basic question appears, would the future sustainable practices face issues that have something to do with genetic sources? “The future sustainable practices would face issues or not? We have to focus on the aspect,” Dwi said. (T2)

Source: Majalah InfoSAWIT, November 2023