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Luhut: Rp 172 Trillion from Palm Oil Plantation Governance Improvement

Special doc./Luhut wanted to get budget Rp 172 trillion from palm oil plantation governance improvement.
Luhut: Rp 172 Trillion from Palm Oil Plantation Governance Improvement

InfoSAWIT, BALI – Coordinator Minister in Maritime and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan prioritized to escalate the efficiency in palm oil plantation governance by getting budget about Rp 172 trillion that could potentially be a waste. He thought, the audit result from Badan Pengawasan Keuangan dan Pembangunan (BPKP) showed that many aspects were inefficient still in palm oil management in Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF).

Panjaitan planned to conduct a meeting in this very short in Jakarta, would invite related ministries to discuss the inefficiency that might happen for some regulations that restricted. He told some regulations in related ministries are often overlapping and block the field implementations.

“I would report it to President, for instance, one regulation in one ministry is the same with others. This is overlapping and this is the obstacle,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from Antara, Friday (8/3/2024).

Harmonious regulation would be the main factors. He also hoped every regulation should be adjusted in order not to block one to another namely in palm oil plantation development. Just like President Joko Widodo ordered, data about palm oil plantation governance needs improvement to be more efficient. Panjaitan also believed that inefficient issues would be found in many instances in this country. that is why, it needs to always improve and continue with further audit by BPKP. The goal is about to make sure that budget would be spent but deliver impacts as same as what the government wanted to get.

Head of BPKP, Muhammad Yusuf Ateh said that it is important to make sure that the budget would be spent by noticing the quality and efficiency.

Besides auditing, Panjaitan also asked BPKP to formulate details of budget from each ministry/institution to identify inefficient spent. By these steps, it is hoped the the budget would be managed more efficient and qualified just like the government hoped for.  (T2)