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APOSA Forum 2024: Introduce Sustainable Palm Oil for Young Generations

Special doc./APOSA Forum 2024 with the theme "Together with the Young Generation Towards Sustainable Palm Oil"
APOSA Forum 2024: Introduce Sustainable Palm Oil for Young Generations

InfoSAWIT, YOGYAKARTA – To deliver more understanding and participation for young generation in sustainable palm oil industries, Institut Pertanian STIPER (INSTIPER) in collaboration with Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) conducted ASEAN Palm Oil Student Association (APOSA) Forum 2024 at INSTIPER, Yogyakarta.

APOSA Forum 2024 was on 5 to 6 March 2024 in hybrid at GRHA INSTIPER Yogyakarta and through zoom meeting. It was attended by more than 200 students from many countries, such as, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, and Taiwan. At GRHA INSTIPER student representatives from many educational institutions did join the meeting.

Proposing the theme "Together with the Young Generation Towards Sustainable Palm Oil" APOSA was committed to encourage collaboration and innovation among the students and ASEAN youths to reach out sustainable palm oil practices.

APOSA was also committed to introduce sustainable palm oil industries for young generation, did positive campaigns, identify innovative initiatives and solution to support the sustainability in the industries.

Director of INSTIPER Yogyakarta, Harsawardana in his speech told that it is important to get collaboration to realize sustainable palm oil industries. He also appreciated the collaboration among many sectors to establish a successful APOSA Forum.

The main target of APOSA Forum 2024 would be to construct positive awareness among young generations about palm oil industries through the collaboration among the students in ASEAN. “By focusing on educational campaign development to encourage holistic, innovative, sustainable, and healthy development,” Harsawardana said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (6/3/2024).

General Secretary of CPOPC, Rizal Affandi Lukman told, young generations need to participate in maintaining sustainable palm oil industries by hoping that the roles of ASEAN students at the next APOSA Forum would be better and more to join.

The event also involved many advance speakers that delivered explanation about palm oil industries. There was active discussion from many participants by delivering their thoughts, plans, for the next APOSA forum.

By involving the students, it is hoped to establish thoughts and attitudes to support sustainable palm oil industries from now on and in the future. Palm oil future in producer countries would have something to do with the roles of young generations.

Committee Chairman of APOSA Forum 2024, Fahrez Ansari told that the forum would be the stage for ASEAN students and youths to share their ideas, knowledge, and solution about sustainability issues in palm oil industries. “We hope the productive and innovative collaboration would always go on to realize the same goal in maintaining sustainability and social responsibility,” he said. (T2)