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China’s Milk Company - Mengniu Dairy Joined RSPO

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China’s Milk Company - Mengniu Dairy Joined RSPO

InfoSAWIT, CHINA – In the latest Chinese New Year which was believed to deliver profits, Mengniu Dairy, and advance milk company in China, did significant thing. It is now the new member of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). It becomes the signal not only for the new membership from China for RSPO but also emphasizes the commitment of Mengniu to responsible and sustainable business practices.

As the main milk industry that has influences in the globe, Mengniu prioritized sustainable development as the main thing in its operational. The company wants to escalate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sectors as the response to the higher hopes from the investors and stakeholders.

Managed by a five year – strategy known as ‘To Create New Mengniu in 2025," the company escalate its sustainable development system. The company formulated “Green Sustainable Development Strategies” which is equal to sustainable development goals.

As InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of RSPO, Tuesday (5/3/2024), besides bcoming RSPO member, Mengniu is also active in double carbon strategy in China, and always trying to protect the environment and reducing carbon. In the annual meeting of Summer Davos, Mengniu decided its ambitious target to realize zero deforestation in 2030 and would collaborate with other suppliers in the globe to minimize deforestation risks in palm oil, soy, and packaging material supply chains.

As part of its sustainable strategy, Mengniu would keep applying sustainable palm oil (products) in RSPO certificate. In 2022 every palm oil product that the subsidiary of Mengniu, Bellamy's, purchased, was certified by RSPO Identity Preserved (IP) Supply Chain Model.

Mengniu Dairy acknowledged the roles of RSPO in promoting sustainable palm oil use and development through supply chain and dialog cooperation among stakeholders’ groups. The company is committed to keep collaborating with RSPO in the future and also in developing ecology that coordinates with milk companies globally.

Joining RSPO would deliver capacity for Mengniu in sustainable development action globally. This would support the company to realize its ‘zero deforestation’ goal in 2030 and would develop responsible supply chain to stop deforestation, reduce carbon emission. This is hoped to protect natural conservation and reinforce more sustainable industrial ecosystem. (T2)