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East Aceh Reinforced Sustainable Palm Oil Practices

Special doc./East Aceh supported sustainable palm oil practices
East Aceh Reinforced Sustainable Palm Oil Practices

InfoSAWIT, IDI RAYEUK – Regent in duty of East Aceh, Mahyuddin firmly told that the regency fully supported PPI Compact as the governance model that would involve the regional government and private sectors to encourage green and inclusive development, and sustainable businesses. He also told three main pillars in the approach, such as, production, production, and social inclusion.

As InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of East Aceh, Monday (4/3/2024), through the approach, Regency of East Aceh is committed to escalate production while noticing environmental sustainability, confirm equal access for better lives for every party.

In the field visit of steering commission of Niscops Indonesia in East Aceh on 1 March 2024, Mahyuddin also hoped that Coordinator Ministry in Economy, and Ministry of Agriculture and related parties would deliver sustainable practices, namely institutional partners that highly contributed for these years.

In 2023, Regency of East Aceh did sign memorandum of understanding (MoU) about sustainable palm oil production, forest region protection, social inclusivity which is known as PPI Compact. It involved many key stakeholders to develop sustainable commotieis in the regency.

To implement the points in the MoU, PUPL task force was established. It is committed to implement PPI Compact in East Aceh. The goal was about to map issues and needs about sustainable protection, forest protection, and social inclusion.

Mahyuddin continued, PPI Compact would the same thing to develop commodity supply chains sustainably, namely palm oil that would deliver impacts for the people’s economy and development in East Aceh in a whole. By the measured implementation, East Aceh would have the superior mainstays to get sustainable investment.

Ministry of Agriculture also explained palm oil in Aceh is very important to supply crude palm oil in the globe. Director of Plantation Product Market and Process Ministry of Agriculture, Prayudi Syamsuri said that the fail production in Aceh would significantly deliver impact to CPO supply in the globe. That is why it is very significant to reinforce sustainable palm oil production.

In the plantation productivity, Aceh significantly contributed nationally but the challenges keep existing, including the acceleration to get cultivation documents and Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificate.

Musdhalifah Machmud, Expert Staff in Connectivity, Service Development, and Natural Resources Coordinator Ministry in Economy said that the full supports from regional governments namely East Aceh would very important to make sure that palm oil and other commodities develop sustainably. (T2)