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Sustainable Palm Oil Potential in Japanese Beauty Industries

Special doc./Sustainable palm oil potential in Japanese beauty industries
Sustainable Palm Oil Potential in Japanese Beauty Industries

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR – Sustainable palm oil plays the key roles in J-Beauty. This is the same with principles of sustainability and responsible resources and becoming the material that many want to get for beauty and skin care – products.

Being famous as its multi-application, palm oil is functioning as oil substitution and other natural and environmental emolien. Many apply it for beauty formulation. The soft texture and emolien escalate sensory experiences in beauty products, escalate the potency to get spread, absorb, and the ability to moisten in skin care – formulation.

Some things that differentiate sustainable palm oil are the commitment to protect environment, confirm that it is responsibly produced. Besides, it inherently has anti-oxidant, such as, vitamin E that contributes to product sustainability and have longer storage; these are the significant aspects for the product that contains of natural and organic materials.

As InfoSAWIT quoted from PalmPulse, in the last years, oleo-chemical exports made of palm oil from Malaysia increased to Japan, namely, palm kernel oil fatty acid (PKOFA) and stearate acid. The two are mostly applied for cosmetic products. Glycerin exports also significantly increased to fulfil hydration needs for skins and skin care – products.

Though Covid-19 pandemic decreased palm oil derivative product demands in 2020, the fast cosmetics industrial recovery in 2021 encouraged the demands on the products. The 2024 prediction delivers promising description that would show the increasing oleo-chemical exports from Malaysia to Japan, take advantages on the past.

Palm oil from Malaysia which is famous with its unique efficacy and advantages, would have the good position to develop more in supporting J-Beauty which now develops. Palm oil application in skin care – products, hair nursery, and personal care – products, emphasizes its multi-purpose and effectiveness as the main material.

Besides, sustainable palm oil and ethical practices also escalated its attractiveness in Japan. By escalating the emphasize to environmental protection for the consumers, palm oil from Malaysia would fulfil the materials that derived responsible practices effectively. (T2)