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PT Kayung Agro Lestari (KAL) Got HWS Management System

Doc. of ANJ for InfoSAWIT/PT Kayung Agro Lestari (KAL) Got HWS Management System
PT Kayung Agro Lestari (KAL) Got HWS Management System

InfoSAWIT, PONTANAK - PT Kayung Agro Lestari (KAL), a palm oil plantation company – the subsidiary of PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ) got incredible award –Health and Work Safety (HWS) Management System from West Kalimantan Province. The award was handed over by Transmigration and Labor Agency West Kalimantan Province in the National Commemoration day of Healthy and Work Safety 2024. The award was handed over by Mohammad Bari to the representative of KAL, Hamdan Saragih at Hotel Golden Tulip, Pontianak, Monday, 12 February 2024.

The event was inaugurated by Mohammad Bari, S.Sos., M.Si,, Regional Secretary of West Kalimantan Province and attended by many companies in the province. In his speech, Mohammad Bari emphasized it is significant to develop superior HWS culture as one crucial aspect to develop superior employment ecosystem. He thought, the HWS awareness would help to minimize work accident and diseases from unsafe work environment.

As in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Sunday, 25/2/2024), General Manager KAL within familiar name, Dadi thanked for the award from West Kalimantan Province and Transmigration and Labor Agency. He also emphasized that KAL is committed to create safe and healthy work environment for its workers. Besides, the company is also committed to stand out the management standard of WHS both in national and international levels by having regular review on the documents and implementations to be in harmony with national, global level, and best practices.

KAL that operates in Regency of Ketapang, has got Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certificate. It cultivates 9.583 hectares palm oil plantations, KAL is committed to sustainably cultivate the plantations by having the main focus to the environmental balance in its operation. Responsible development principles in ANJ as the main company of KAL would be the main base in the business operational by noticing the balance among social, economy, and environment.

By having the award, KAL once again proved its dedication to realize the highest standards in WHS and its commitment to realize sustainable and responsible development. (T2)