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RSPO and Latin America Solidaridad Signed Declaration to Support Sustainable Palm Oil

Doc. of RSPO/RSPO and Latin America Solidaridad signed declaration to support sustainable palm oil.
RSPO and Latin America Solidaridad Signed Declaration to Support Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and Latin America Solidaridad united in a same declaration to support sustainable and inclusive palm oil in Latin America. This is about to reinforce their efforts to escalate smallholders’ (level) heading to sustainability and certification and make the region as the center in natural conservation and people’s welfare.

The declaration itself was signed on 27 October 2023, combined the experiences of RSPO for more than 50 years in developing inclusive and sustainable supply chain in Solidaridad in Latin America. Solidaridad has united six countries in the region, they are, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru – to consolidate palm oil production, environmental conservation, and social welfare.

As InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of RSPO, the partnership would be about to implement same digital equipment in every region to get RSPO Smallholders’ Certification; reinforce the progress in RSPO Smallholders’ Training Academy in Latin America; support the best strategies in each country to realize sustainable practices and RSPO certification go forward; promote obedience to European Union regulations; reinforce the position of Latin America as the leader to support smallholders based on the sustainable guidelines both nationally and internationally.

The declaration would be about to unite the strategies of RSPO and Solidaridad in Latin America, share knowledge, experiences, and successful stories in this sector. In their comment, Camilo Santos of RSPO and Jorge Solano of Solidaridad said that they are committed to support sustainable palm oil industries in the region.

By having these, it is hoped more than 1.300 smallholders within about 14,600 hectares would be empowered to get and realize certificate and sustainability. The declaration would be the sign as the significant progress in RSPO certification process in the region where it is the region with highest certification among palm oil buyers in many regions. Latin America produced two million tons sustainable palm oil within RSPO certificate, represented one third of total palm oil production in the region. (T2)