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Palm Oil Plantation - Kebun Bangun Is Cultivated in ISPO and RSPO Standards

Special doc./Kebun Bangun by PTPN IV Sesuai ISPO dan RSPO.
Palm Oil Plantation - Kebun Bangun Is Cultivated in ISPO and RSPO Standards

InfoSAWIT, SIMALUNGUN – Palm oil plantations that were just planted or immature plantations in Afdeling I, PT. Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) IV Regional 1 Kebun Bangun, have qualified every available standard. Maximal nursery in the plantations is about to confirm that every tree would be growing as the hope.

Manager of Kebun Bangun, Febryandi Bangun told that since the first planting, his side always optimized the quality and quantity of the plants both from the seeds and nursery. PTPN IV Regional 1 Kebun Bangun did qualify Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) standards, confirmed that every planting process would be the same as the regulations.

"The team closely monitors every nursery aspect and would work to do nursery. We also did castration and clean the areas around each tree regularly,” Asistant Afdeling I Kebun Bangun, Joni Hidayat said, as in the official to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (22/2/2024).

He also told the information saying that the plants in Afdeling I, not standard are not true. He thought every nursery process, cleaning up the areas around each tree, arrangement of empty bunches, have been done as same as the regulations.

“We keep doing nursery regularly including castration, we prioritize work standards. And if any area was not cleaned up yet, it happened for area nursery rotation schedule,” Joni said. (T2)