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A Tanker full of Palm Oil 3.300 Tons Got Sank in Arafura Sea

Doc. Special/Ilustration of Tanker of palm oil
A Tanker full of Palm Oil 3.300 Tons Got Sank in Arafura Sea

InfoSAWIT, ARAFURU – A Tanker - MT Koan got sank into Arafura Sea. It transported 3.300 tons crude palm oil (CPO) from Korindo Group in Regency of Boven Digoel, South Papua Province, on Wednesday (14/2/2024).

Post Commander of BKO Ditpolairud Maluku Police, Bripka Yakob Kundrat Halirat, his officers, and SAR team successfully evacuated the crews to Saumlaki, Regency of Kepulauan Tanimbar.

The crews said that the tanker started its journey from Digoel River, Asiki, Regency of Boven Digoel, South Papua Province on 10 February 2024 to Tanjung Perak Port, City of Surabaya. On Wednesday (14/2/2024) at 06.00 WIT, the tanker got slanted to the right side. It indicated, the sea water got into the costar of the ship or the place of anchor of the ship.

As InfoSAWIT quoted from Malukuterkini, the crew did not make it to pump the sea water, or use ballast pump for the water was too much. Besides, the high wave at 4 - 5 meters at the time made the situation worse. The tanker eventually got sank on Thursday (15/2/2024) at 04.30 WIT.

The captain instructed the crews to gather in the evacuation spot. During the evacuation, they used two life crafts. After having communication with anyone by using handy talk to get help, Tanker MT Hafnia Petler with Singaporean Flag delivered help after 11 hours.

The SAR team got into the spot and successfully evacuated 18 crews. They were moved to the ship of Polairud Maluku Police Department and taken to Laut Saumlaki Port. Until Friday (16/2/2024), 4 crews were still cured at PP Magreti Saumlaki Hospital, they were, Rohmad Saiful Anwar (32) Mualim I, Rahamdi (28) Mualim III, Kiki Weldi (37) Juru Las, and Ayu Airin Laihan (24) Koki. (T2)