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Police Thwarted FFB Stealing: One Officer Was Hit

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Police Thwarted FFB Stealing: One Officer Was Hit

InfoSAWIT, KETAPANG – Police members of Ketapang successfully thwarted fresh fruit bunch (FFB) stealing in the block L50 of PT MAI, Cargill Group, Tuesday (6/2). It happened when Bripda RD (23) was patrolling around the company of PT Cargill in Regency of Ketapang, West Kalimantan Province.

Bripda RD, who tried to get after the thieves should be hit by a bullet of the thieves. Though he was hit, Bripda RD kept getting after them. Finally, he successfully arrested one thief, JE who fell down after shooting at.

"We have arrested him and directly taken to the office of PT Cargill," Police Chief of Ketapang, AKBP Tommy Ferdian said, as quoted from Detikcom.

Tommy also mentioned, JE and his friend H got arrested, while the other one is in progress. Bripda RD now is in Rumah Sakit Imanudin, Pangkalan Bun to get treatment.

In the beginning, Bripda RD got information that some men were suspected to steal FFB. He and other security officers did patrol and found three suspects.

“When the team checked them, the three were uploading FFB into a white Avanza," Tommy explained.

But when Bripda RD got after them, they tried to escape. The suspect - JE shot twice to Bripda RD.

"The first shot missed but after the suspect fell down, he shot back to Bripda RD and hit RD’s right eyelids,” Tommy told. (T2)