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Optimize Economic Potential: Change Palm Oil Sticks to be Valuable Handicrafts

Optimize Economic Potential: Change Palm Oil Sticks to be Valuable Handicrafts

InfoSAWIT, TANJUNG JABUNG BARAT – Palm oil trees have become blessings for many people in many regions in Indonesia. But they are used not only for the fresh fruit bunch, leaves, or stalks. As the era develops, the proof is that the smallest part of palm oil trees, such as, sticks have unexpected economic values. This is the focus for many individuals that want to sustainably optimize the natural resources.

As InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of SMAN 15 Tanjung Jabung Barat, palm oil leaves are useful not only to make sticks or sate sticks, they are changed to be interesting handicrafts that many consumers both domestic and foreign countries are fond of. But this would not be running well if the regional government does not support because many palm oil stick craftsmen live around palm oil plantations where they are far from cities.

It needs persistence, creativity, and patience to make interesting handicrafts from palm oil sticks. The sticks could become souvenirs, such as, plates, parcels, rice bowl, and unique decorative lights. This is useful information namely for smallholders that always underestimate palm oil sticks. If the sticks are well processed, they could become additional source of income for the smallholders and would locally encourage the economic progress.

It means, palm oil sticks would be not only as materials to make broom or sate sticks but also become interesting and unique handicrafts. It would be positive for the students that try to change palm oil sticks to be additional valued – products and deliver the good for the environment and local economy.

It is the right thing to locally optimize the economy from palm oil sticks to support sustainability, environment, and people’s welfare. It is hoped there would be many parties involved to develop creative ideas to create the better impact for many. (T2)