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FFB in West Sulawesi in February 2024 Gets Increasing, The Most Expensive is Rp 2.240,89/kg

Special doc./Plantation Agency West Sulawesi Province did meet about indeks ‘P’ decision, fresh fruit bunch price, produced by planters in West Sulawesi.
FFB in West Sulawesi in February 2024 Gets Increasing, The Most Expensive is Rp 2.240,89/kg

InfoSAWIT, MAMUJU – West Sulawesi Plantation Agency did meet to decide ‘P’ index and fresh fruit bunch (FFB) produced by the planters in West Sulawesi in February 2024 in Mamuju on Wednesday (7/2/2024).

It was about to be the guidelines for the mill to purchase smallholders’ FFB production. This is regulated by the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 01/Permentan/KB.120/1/2018 about Guidelines to Decide Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) produced by Smallholders.

FFB price plays important roles as the price standard that the smallholders in partnership with companies (mills) should obey and would avoid unhealthy competition among the mills. The main goal is about to deliver certainty and protection to get normal FFB price produced by the smallholders.

In the meeting FFB team decided that the 10-20 year old FFB in February 2024 would be Rp. 2.240,89/kg, increases from January 2024 that was Rp. 2.208,23/kg. it showed FFB price in the province is stable in January.

"Alhamdulillah, FFB price making involved the cooperation among the team. The result is that it increases Rp. 32,66," Head of Plantation Agency West Sulawesi Province said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of West Sulawesi Province, Thursday (8/2/2024).

Herdin, one FFB team said that the price was from data of the companies and from field adjustment.

The meeting was attended by FFB price team that consisted of many agencies in West Sulawesi Province, such as, industry and trade Agency, transportation agency, labor agency, agriculture agency, bureau of economy and development administration, and legal bureau.

Many agencies in district levels did attend it, such as, Plantation Agency Regency of Mamuju, Food Security and Agriculture Regency of Mamuju Tengah, and Plantation and Livestock Agency Regency of Pasangkayu. Assistant II West Sulawesi Secretariat and representatives from West Sulawesi Province did too.

In the FFB decision, every company should obey and implement the regulation (price). The price would be available from 7 February 2024 to the next period decision. (T2)