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SRP in PTPN IV PalmCo Successfully Escalate People’s Plantation Productivity in Riau

Foto by Apriliagoverty/Sawitfest 2021/Ilustration of replanting
SRP in PTPN IV PalmCo Successfully Escalate People’s Plantation Productivity in Riau

InfoSAWIT, PEKANBARU – In 2023, PTPN IV PalmCo Regional 3 Riau Province successfully did smallholders replanting program (SRP) for about 1.135 hectares from 568 smallholders in Bumi Lancang Kuning. SRP was the response to the old trees.

Region Head PTPN IV PalmCo Regional 3, Rurianto told that the proposal to get SRP laid on about 1.283 hectares that the company should revitalize but only 1.135 hectares qualified the terms and conditions to get SRP.

He was proud of that the smallholders’ trust to PTPN IV PalmCo Regional 3 keeps increasing. This is positive to escalate the people’s plantation productivity and economy through SRP. Six groups joined the program, they were, KUD Subur Makmur, Karya Sawit, Budi Sawit, Suka Makmur Bersama, Gading Jaya Makmur, and Karya Maju with the total plantations about 1.135,6 hectares.

As InfoSAWIT quoted from Media Center Riau, Monday (5/2/2024), SEVP Operation PTPN IV PalmCo Regional 3, Arief Subhan Siregar told that the company revitalized 9.753 hectares of old plantations that smallholders cultivated in Riau until 2023. The smallholders there wanted to get SRP for the company offered single management in high standards until the nursery within cash for work system for the plasma ones.

The scheme guarantees income for smallholders in SRP, involves them in every phase, and delivers fixed income. Arief told that the company is committed to reinforce smallholders, escalate productivity, and support their economic progress, as same as the vision of PTPN IV PalmCo.

The positive from SRP is known from their smallholders’ harvests. In 2012 to 2014 or when the trees were in V and VII years, they got productivity about 28,07 tons per hectare, surpassed the average in national scale that reached 26,95 tons per hectare. The smallholders that joined SRP in 2018 or in I year, the productivity reached 18,05 tons per hectare, or more than the average in national scale that reached 12 tons per hectare.

Arief targeted the people’s revitalization in Riau would lay on about 3.030 hectares in 2024. “With the support from the government, Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency, and the people’s trusts, the program would support SRP acceleration and would significantly contribute to develop palm oil plantation sectors in Riau,” he said. (T2)