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Croplife Indonesia: Biotechnology Would Nationally Support Food Security

Doc. of InfoSAWIT/ Croplife Indonesia did education with the theme Adopsi Bioteknologi untuk Transformasi Pertanian Indonesia, Jakarta on Friday (2/2/2024).
Croplife Indonesia: Biotechnology Would Nationally Support Food Security

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Non – profit association, Croplife Indonesia keeps reinforcing its commitment to represent farmers/smallholders, seeds – pesticide industries namely in education. In the ceremony with the theme, "Adopsi Bioteknologi untuk Transformasi Pertanian Indonesia" on 2 February, Croplife Indonesia would like to escalate the understanding about urgent adoption and biotechnology research development in agriculture to nationally maintain fod security and escalate the farmers/smallholders’ welfare.

Executive Director of Croplife Indonesia, Agung Kurniawan told the challenges that agricultural sectors in Indonesia would face, including climate changes, durable pests, and limited areas. He emphasized without intervention in science and technology, food security would nationally be threatened.

Agung said that the Government of Indonesia did support openly to develop biotechnology innovation, for instance, plant cultivation, biotechnology seeds or produk rekayasa genetika (PRG). But the long research process and complex regulations made biotechnology seed distribution in Indonesia got slower than other countries.

“Some countries, for instance, Philippine, has successfully develop biotechnology plants and seeds and the smallholders/farmers get the access and people widely use together in conventional ways. We hope that Indonesia would do it too,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

Croplife Indonesia would do its best to deliver advocacy about modern agricultural practices, educate the farmers/smallholders about how to apply plant protection product, fight fake product – use, and maintain sustainable agricultural practices through agricultural biotechnology.

meanwhile Biotechnology and Seed Manager, Croplife Indonesia, Agustine Christela Melviana emphasized the plant and seed security are developed by biotechnology science. She thought, biotechnology security has been studied in a whole by research and health institutions in the world, including World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“In Indonesia, we have Komisi Keamanan Hayati that is regulated by the Government’s Regulation Number 21 / 2005 about Biosecurity for genetic engineering products to confirm them for food, woof, and environmental security,” she said.

By these, Croplife Indonesia hoped to escalate that the society would understand more, support innovation in agriculture, and would develop sustainable food security togeterh in Indonesia. (T2)