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In 2024 PFMA Would Escalate The Service to Develop Palm Oil Industrial Performance

Special doc./In a work meeting, PFMA would escalate the service to develop palm oil industrial performance
In 2024 PFMA Would Escalate The Service to Develop Palm Oil Industrial Performance

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR – Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) did 2024 wok meeting in Bogor with the goal, to evaluate the previous achievement and formulate the strategies in 2024. The theme "Sawit Melayani Lebih Baik" was chosen as the commitment reflection of PFMA to escalate the service quality in fund management.

Director of PFMA, Eddy Abdurrachman in the opening ceremony told that the work meeting would the time to realize the previous achievement and formulate more realistic targets. The performance target, natural resource management, and financial responsibility were taken as the bases to formulate better target and implement in efficient costs and power.

The 2023 performance in PFMA was revealed in the meeting. Biodiesel was distributed up to 12,1 million kiloliters; 250 internal and external activities; fund for students and palm oil human resources were handed over for 7.087 men; research activity reached 112 – showed that PFMA was committed to support research and development programs from upstream to downstream sectors.

General Director of Treasury, Astera Primanto Bhakti who attended it also told that it needed research that would have something to do with macro economy and national budget performance in association with PFMA main focus. Though he appreciated about palm oil research and development, Astera emphasized PFMA should solve every challenge.

PFMA should escalate creativity to get financial instruments within competitive return and should conduct efficient cost in activity diversification. As the institution that the government obliges, PFMA should show its toughness to do fund management, and escalate coordination among institutions.

In the meeting, Director of Budget, Tri Budhianto talked about expenditure, related regulation about honorarium and official visit in Ministry of Finance. He told that the performance of PFMA with its budget, would be determining its performance from Directorate of Treasury and the realization in PFMA hit the good level.

It was attended by some official, such as, Secretary of General Directorate of Treasury, the representatives from General Directorate of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource, Head of Sub-General Directorate of Budget, representatives from Bank Himbara, directors of PFMA, and workers in PFMA.

PFMA emphasized its commitment to keep escalating unity and togetherness; reinforcing synergy among the workers and getting harmony with internal and external partners in Ministry of Finance, and other stakeholders. With the theme above, PFMA would be committed to keep delivering the best service in palm oil fund management for the industrial development nationally. (T2)