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VEGA Indonesia Inaugurated New Office: Focus on Sustainability and Customers’ Comfort

Doc. of InfoSAWIT/VEGA Indonesia inaugurated its new office: Would Focus on Sustainability and customers’ comfort.
VEGA Indonesia Inaugurated New Office: Focus on Sustainability and Customers’ Comfort

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – VEGA Indonesia, reliable and accurate server solution provider confirmed its presence in Indonesia by officially inaugurating the new office at CIBIS Park, South Jakarta. As the strategic thing to support its operational and escalate the services for the customers in Indonesia, PT VEGA Instruments Indonesia officially inaugurated its new office by proposing the theme "Sustainability in Motion: Unveiling VEGA Indonesia’s New Office".

Serving many customers in Indonesia for years, VEGA Indonesia gets the customers’ trust by successfully fulfilling the special needs in measurement technology in many industries. The fast achievement in the past decade becomes the commitment of VEGA to innovation and superiority in service.

The new office would be not only as the representative space to work at but also reflecting some basic assessments in VEGA, such as, connectivity and easiness. Semi modern industrial design with open space concept would create the environment to support collaboration and interaction, including area customer experience with product demos of VEGA, meeting room to deliver trainings, seminars, and meetings with consumers, within separated storage.

To encourage sustainability, VEGA Indonesia designed office facility by prioritizing the use of aluminum, metal, and or composite from wood. The glass is used 40% on the outside wall to confirm available natural lights. Sunshade is used to minimize the heat as the contribution to minimize the warming in the globe.

Besides, air conditioning system with double inverter and R32 refrigerant which is environment is used to minimize energy consumption. The other facility is Reverse Osmosis with dispenser directly for drink to minimize plastic gallon use. These would be the same with separating recycle – waste and using water safe – sanitary and energy. These are the commitments of VEGA Indonesia to minimize environmental impacts.

In the early of 2024, VEGA keeps contributing to develop industries by having new office that expresses the spirit of sustainability. Rio Kusumahadi, Managing Director PT VEGA Instruments Indonesia hoped that the new office would be the real representation from the values of VEGA, welcome the customers to understand more about VEGA products, know VEGA as reliable partner.

“The new office would welcome, take every customer, candidate of customer to know us and our product. We provide special area to demonstrate accurate measurement tools and consultation for the customers,” he said to InfoSAWIT in the spare time of new office inauguration, Friday (26/1/2024) in Jakarta.

For information, VEGA within more than six decades of experience, still commits to provide reliable measurement solution that reflects high quality standards that become the specific characteristics for year. The products and services would be the options to rely on and solve measurement challenges in many industries. (T3)