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Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program: The Solution to Deliver Beef Supply in West Kalimantan

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program: The Solution to Deliver Beef Supply in West Kalimantan

InfoSAWIT, PONTIANAK – Indonesia, the country that is full of natural resource, still faces the sad facts that some agricultural commodities, for instance, rice, and beef should get imports. Beef consumption in Indonesia in 2022 reached 700 thousand tons but the production in this country just fulfilled more than 50% from the demands. The lack of beef supplies should be imported namely from Australia and India within consumption per capita in Indonesia about 2,6 kg per year, less than the average in the world that reached 6,4 kg.

Knowing this, beef needs in West Kalimantan should be from out of the province, such as, Java. But West Kalimantan has the natural resource potential namely from palm oil plantations. The potential should be actually taken for advantages to breed cows.

Palm oil – cow integration approach in West Kalimantan is the serious thing to do in the past two years.

Duta Setiawan, the academy from Faculty of Agriulture, Universitas Tanjungpura, said that the program has been running for the past two years by involving Livestock and Plantation Agency West Kalimantan Province. The collaboration is running by involving 13 clusters in 6 districts, they are, District of Bengkayang, Landak, Sanggau, Sekadau, Sintang, and Ketapang.

"Palm oil – cow integrated program has many superiorities, such as, cheap grass, the cows would be more natural, weed spraying in palm oil plantations would be minimal,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from RRI PRO 1 Pontianak.

He continued, the other advantgges from the program would be breeding rotation that could be adjusted to plantation agronomy activity. Besides, Duta said, palm oil – cow integrated program would advantage electric fencing to maintain palm oil seeds not to be damaged by cow.

“There are many things about cow breeding in palm oil plantations, such as, electric fencing. It is needed so that the cow would not eat immature palm oil or less than the five years old – trees,” he said.

The program would be the solution to fulfill beef needs locally and the strategy to escalate palm oil plantation productivity, optimize production cost in cow breeding in the province. (T2)