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Female Workers in Palm Oil Plantations: Between Needs and Obeying Regulations

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Female Workers in Palm Oil Plantations: Between Needs and Obeying Regulations

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Chairman in Labor, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Sumarjono Saragih told that it is important to monitor and supervise the labor system on the groups which cultivate the plantation. It is about to know the labor protection and who they hire. “It always happened that palm oil industries burden the responsibility,” he said.

It is better, he continued, there should be the same solution and firm law enforcement. The big private plantation companies have the instrument both in the law enforcement and in hiring the female. It needs to know if the female workers are exploited or not.

It needs to understand that the female would work if they need only. If the option is to make them as the officers, it needs to obey the regulations.

The female would work if they are needed. There is no regulation about this too. “They would work in each season. Do they fulfill the condition? The main key is the function of supervision,” he said.

Saragih also told that there was term, Family Gank. It had no issue but now, if they take their children to pick up the seeds, it breaks the regulation.

It needs to sort one case to another while law enforcement is firmly done. It needs to do supervision because the bottom line to prevent the violation is the supervision.

He also said that to deal with the labors, the companies have done beyond their jobs but there would be homework to do about the labors in the supply chain. “The corporate improves but is it done? The future challenge is the supply chain,” he said.

Palm oil plantation industries are big business and so are the issues. It needs big efforts from the big group to get the solutions. In the previous, the solution was partially done and in the end the solution of the issues got slower. The solution to get should not be about the female and children but in the bigger scale, it is about to solve the business and social conflict issues, and trade competition. (T2)

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