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Multi-function Tractor: Every Activity in Palm Oil Plantation Complete

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Multi-function Tractor: Every Activity in Palm Oil Plantation Complete

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Meeting (RT2023) by the late of November 2023 there was something unusual, showed multi-function tractor. It was in the front lobby of hotel where the meeting took place.

Many participants were curious to the tractor. It was ERREPPI BUFFALO and becoming the focus to observe, got chance to take a shot. They also wanted to know what it was and its functions.

After having closer look, the unique tractor was made in Europe, Italy. The name ERREPPI BUFFALO was a logo of palm oil plantation company that got contract with the tractor. It was clearly seen and it got more unique.

Director of Marketing and Selling of PT Maxi Utama Energy, Soedjatmono explained the origins of multi-function Italian tractor, Errepi Buffalo. It was directly imported and assembled in Jakarta. It is proven, it would be the multi-function asset for agricultural activity, including to transport fresh fruit bunch, fertilizers, palm oil seeds and to spray.

“There are two models to transport FFB, they are, Dump Body model within 900 kg capacity and High Reach model within 700 kg capacity. What is shown here at RT2023 is High Reach one. It can be used to fertilizer, spray, and transport seeds,” Soedjatmono.

PT Maxi Utama Energy as the official distributor of Errepi in Indonesia since July 2023, substituted the prior distributor, PT. Agrisarana Jaya Perkasa. Soedjatmono told that in 2023, PT Maxi Utama Energy successfully sold hardly 100 units of Errepi Buffalo. Most of the buyers were from palm oil companies both private and government.

Dump Body would be about Rp 300 million while spraying model would be Rp 360 million but the numbers are not included tax and delivery.

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