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Bumitama Biodiversity and Community Project: The Way to Protect Environment by Involving the Local

Special doc./Head of Environment Protection and Governance, Bumitama Agri Ltd., Martin Mach.
Bumitama Biodiversity and Community Project: The Way to Protect Environment by Involving the Local

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Sustainable palm oil initiative would play important roles to positively deliver impacts for the local people particularly to escalate their sources of living and promote environmental conservation.

One main advantage that the local would get from sustainable palm oil initiative is to escalate their economic source of living. By involving in the initiatives, the people would get alternative source of income sustainably and environmentally. This eventually would help to minimize poverty but create the chances to get economic development in the community.

Head of Environment Protection and Governance, Bumitama Agri Ltd., Martin Mach said that sustainable palm oil initiative often involves green project, contributes to ecosystem restoration and escalating natural conservation. The local actively involves in the initiative, got chances to work at planting, nursing the trees. The initiatives contribute not only to environmental conservation but also empower them to actively participate in environmental recovery around them.

The cooperation also involve patrol which is very important to protect the forests and illegal activity such as, illegal logging and wild hunt. By involving them in the patrol, it delivered sense of belonging and responsibility, created more effective and sustainable approach to the forest protection.

“Involving the local people around the plantations delivered impacts for reforestation. They usually work to get wood in the forests and should be offered through income infrastructure to help the company to control and do reforestation,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from short video from RSPO, Saturday (13/1/2024).

The key aspect of sustainable palm oil initiative is to deliver education for the local about sustainable agricultural practices. This involves sustainable method teaching environmentally in palm oil cultivation, confirms that the plantations should be cultivated by minimizing the negative impacts for the environment. Empowering the local people by delivering insight about their ability and capability to find balance between economic development and environmental conservation.

By proving alternative source of income and promoting sustainable practices, the initiatives would help to reduce natural resource pressures. The traditional methods in forest exploitation, such as, illegal logging, would be minimized when the communities adopt more sustainable and environmental practices. In the end, it would contribute to whole ecosystem conservation and make sure long term -sustainability from the local sources.

“We told them how to get sustainable ways in nursing their plantations, improve everything with their own help. It is hoped, this would escalate the results,” he said.

Prior, Bumitama Agri got Conservation Leadership Award in Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Roundtable Meeting (RT2023), November 2023 in Jakarta for Bumitama Biodiversity and Community Project (BBCP). The project centered to three main elements, they were, protection, production, and inclusivity. (T2)