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Shell Gene: The Solution in Palm Oil Contaminant: Productivity Would Escalate

foto by Rafi Brata Alfanu/Sawitfest 2021 - oil palm plantation ilustration
Shell Gene: The Solution in Palm Oil Contaminant: Productivity Would Escalate

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR – Palm oil industries in Malaysia significantly get the progress within the latest breakthrough by Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB). The finding of Shell Gene or palm oil shell gen is taken as the factor to determine the most important genetic in palm oil. The revolutionary finding was followed up by developing diagnostic DNA test for the gen. This would be the history for palm oil sector.

Chairman of IRGA.AG and Advisor of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) MR Chandran said that it is significant to focus on transformative potential in the technology, particularly to solve the low harvest that happens in palm oil industries.

“It is about the positive impacts from the findings and emphasizing the key roles to escalate plantation productivity for the economy in this country. In association with harvest issue, my focus is about contaminant in this industry,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from Linkedin MR Chandran, Saturday (13/1/2024).

Chandran also told the introduction method about DNA Shell test would be the valuable thing for delivering employment for planters to identify and solve contaminant within low productivity in seeding or planting process. This would escalate not only plant quality but also be potential to minimize the loss of the harvest because of the contaminant.

The success of Malaysian palm oil industries to adopt the technology would play important key roles in industrial transition heading to more environmental and efficient palm oil sector. The technology implementation, for instance, DNA Shell diagnostic by MPOB and tool integration in digital and mechanism base, would be strategic to realize the long term of food security and sustainable climate security in the globe.

“The industries have option to deliver significant impacts not only to people’s welfare but also to ecosystem balance. That is why to support innovation and technology, such as, Shell Gene, is a must to maintain the balance of industrial progress and environmental conservation. The balance would create sustainable environment and deliver positive contribution for the people and the planet,” Chandran said. (T2)