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Palm Oil Gasoline is Potential to Substitute Pertamax Turbo

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Palm Oil Gasoline is Potential to Substitute Pertamax Turbo

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Dewan Energi Nasional (DEN) Indonesia claimed that fuel in palm oil - base or known as palm oil gasoline or bensin sawit (Bensa) would be potential to be alternative fuel. Bensa is hoped to substitute pertalite and pertamax that people use to ride or drive.

General Secretary of DEN, Djoko Siswanto said that Bensa with RON 120 has the very good quality and its material is available in this country. besides, it is economic and more affordable than pertamax turbo. Bensa is about Rp 15.000 per liter, while pertamax turbo is about Rp 15.350 per liter. This would be the big chance for Bensa to substitute pertamax turbo in phase.

The decision is taken to accelerate green energy program in Indonesia. Djoko Siswanto thought, the first target of green energy is the people in medium to upper class society. They use pertamax turbo in their vehicle. He thought, this would accelerate net zero emission target in Indonesia in 2060.

As InfoSAWIT quoted from detikcom, Bensa was introduced by research team from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and PT Kemurgi Indonesia in Pekan Riset Sawit Indonesia (Perisai) in Medan. Bensa was considered to be safer and more efficient with RON 110 that is higher than conventional fuel.

Muhammad Ferian, research team member of ITB - Kemurgi Indonesia said that Bensa was having test drive for about 2.000 km from Bogor to Medan. It was mixed with Pertamax Turbo, created more efficient fuel and the distance reached 33 kilometers per liter. (T2)